Thursday, August 31, 2006

What's wrong with store bought socks?

The seams!

I found a great sock generating page

Sea Sock Cruise.....

Yes folks we are going to knit socks on the high seas!

Socks Rock!

Sea Sock Cruise!

If you are interested in more information there is a blog:

Sea Socks Cruise & Yarn Expedition

Why Socks?

Well since I have discovered the wonderful world of hand knit socks, I can't get enough of them. I want more! You can never have enough socks or at least I can never have enough socks.

Hand knit socks are magic on my feet. Not only I get to knit them and they are very fast sort of instant (2 or 3 day) project fairly reasonable as far as yarn investment but I get to pick wild colors and patterns that I would not wear say as a sweater.

So this blog is dedicated to Socks!

I will be posting my hand knitted socks with pictures and notes and sometimes patterns. I also have BananaKnits Blog but I don't want to "bore" my BananaKnits audience with my new obsession of SOCKS!

Socks Rock!